With uBanker’s tools and online trading platforms you can access the largest financial market and trade currencies.


Forex or the Foreign Exchange Market is an international trading system with a daily turnover of over 4 trillion dollars. Because it is not based in only one place the Forex market is a very diverse and liquid market. Today, thanks to the internet and technological advancement anyone can make profits on the Forex market using the right tools. uBanker is determined to give you these tools to make your trading experience easy, profitable and enjoyable.

You will notice that there is always a difference between the buy and sell price – that difference is called a spread. The spread is the cost paid by the investor buying the currencies – that is you.

Before deciding which currencies to buy or sell you need to educate yourselves in the art of Forex trading. You decisions will be based on the analysis of fundamental and technical charts and market news. Here at uBanker we know so much information can be overwhelming and that is why we have explained everything to you in our uLearn section.

Below you can also find a list of tradable currencies uBanker offers:

CFD FX spotAUD/CAD0.001
CFD FX spotAUD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotAUD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotAUD/NZD0.0020
CFD FX spotAUD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotCHF/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotEUR/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotEUR/GBP0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotEUR/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotEUR/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotEUR/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotEUR/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotGBP/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/CAD0.0020
CFD FX spotGBP/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotGBP/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotGBP/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotGBP/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotNZD/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotNZD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotNZD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotUSD/CAD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotUSD/DKK0.008
CFD FX spotUSD/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/MXN0.05
CFD FX spotUSD/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotUSD/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotUSD/RUB1.00
CFD FX spotUSD/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotUSD/SGD0.0026
CFD FX spotUSD/TRY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/ZAR0.026

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