With uBanker’s mobile trading platform you can trade anytime, anywhere.

Mobile PROfit

uBanker strives to make online trading as easy and comfortable as possible for our clients and that is why we have developed a mobile version of our trading platform.

The best feature of the mobile platform is its mobility – you can trade from anywhere with internet connection and at any time you choose.

Only by using your smartphone or tablet, you can easily keep up with financial information and place and manage trades in the financial markets. With our innovative mobile platform, you can always follow and monitor your account, view the history of your transactions and trade in the financial markets whenever you are.

Our mobile PROfit platform offers mobility combined with convenience and a variety of trading tools. In this way, uBanker puts Forex markets and all its opportunities right in the palm of your hand.

By using the mobile version of the PROfit trading platform, you can act on market price movements as they occur, and follow the direction of a number of different financial instruments whenever you are.

What uBanker’s mobile platform offers you:

Trade from anywhere you want

Daily market updates

Instant trade execution

Begin your uBanker trading adventure with our mobile platform.

Choose between the mobile and web version of the platform and open an account to start trading with uBanker today!

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