At uBanker, traders can find a number of useful trading tools to help them make a more informative decision and act according to the market’s movements.

Decision Supporting Tools

In this day and age technology has advanced so much that trading on the Forex market is now available not only to big organizations, bankers and investment firms – the average person can trade on Forex with the simple use of the internet. While you don’t need financial education to trade Forex it is good to educate yourself on the principles of Forex trading beforehand.

Some of the most important advantages to any good Forex trader are the tools you choose to use when trading. Tools can help you plan your trades better by shedding light on the direction the market is about to take. To help you along on the way to becoming a successful Forex trader uBanker has selected the best trading tools for you to use. Every tool has its own use and importance – it is up to you to choose which tools to rely on.

To help with your trading uBanker gives you access to some decision supporting tools:

Live Rates

Live Rates show you up-to-the-second currency exchange rates in the Forex market. Traders use this tool in order to get a better understanding of the market’s situation at any time, so they can act accordingly.

Trending Trends

Trends outline the general direction an asset will take based on data collected from past movements. By giving information about past market’s performance and direction, trending trends helps traders predict future price movements.

Market News

The Forex market is always changing and moving. The more information you have the better trades you will place. Read the latest market news and analyses in our Market news section. Updated daily.